Open Call For Communal Garden Projects

︎ Submissions: Open

REON’s lab lies in big field area, with an old oak tree, a Firiki apple tree, some olive trees and plenty of wildflowers and bushes that grow along with the change of seasons. We are open to proposals from local individuals, entities and organisations, art and nature professionals (gardeners, architects, landscapers, farmers, botanists, horticulturalists, herbalists), who would like to utilise part of this natural space in an ecological and sustainable way, either by exchange of services and resources, or for the creation of entirely new garden projects -individual, community or participatory, environmental practices and events.

Some first directions and ideas would include helping us with maintenance and pruning, creating a low maintenance herbal garden, permaculture projects, playful children constructions, a bird feeding station, creation of a butterfly garden, use of the space as a sample of archiving and documentation of the wild flora and fauna, sculptural works etc.
Our aim is to find participatory and creative ways to improve the surrounding natural space in a way that serves all the people involved, the village, the animals, the children who attend our community workshops, and the public who visits the building. REON is located at Porta village, in Sinies, North-East Corfu.

We look forward to receiving your questions & proposals at hello@reon-space ! ︎