from the workshop ‘Who is living in you?’ with artist Yesum Yoon

Kids Clay Symposiums

Kids Clay Symposiums is a series of free community art workshops of experiential education, started in the summer of 2021. Originally designed for the local children residing in the surrounding villages with no access to the arts or arts education, the symposiums are nowadays attended by children from all over Corfu.
An ongoing program with an intimate approach to art, made with clay and everyday materials in collaboration with artists, educators and environmentalists.

Vythos II, glazed ceramics, Summer 2023

Imaginary Home Masks from the workshop with Yesum Yoon, October 2022

from the workshop with artist Emi Avora with ‘The Smile of the Child’, July 2023, Corfu

drawing and ceramics workshop in Barrio Talude, hosted in AMRT, September 2023, Lisbon

Parallel Communities

REON is bringing art and personal expression closer to under-resourced groups through carefully curated workshops, in collaboration with external organisations such as residential care homes for children and teenagers, social institutions, local kindergardens of the periphery a.o.

Unbaked clay piece by Nikolas (8 years old), from the workshop with artist Fenella Elms, July 2021