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Open Call For Self-directed Artist Residency

︎ Submissions: Open
︎ Disciplines: Clay medium & ceramics. Other disciplines are welcome if the context is suitable.
︎ Residency periods: July-October 2024, June-October 2025 (2-6 weeks)
︎ Support: Shared living & studio space with ceramics equipment, limited materials
︎ Covered by artist: Transportation, moto/car rental (essential), food & personal expenses
︎ Application deadline: 30th April 2024, 23:59 pm Athens time, EET (for 2024)
Ongoing for 2025
Early applications are encouraged.

It is advised to seek further funding in your own country and we are happy to provide you with an acceptance letter
as done with previous residents who were able to obtain financial support in the recent past.
The studio is fully equiped and limited amount of ceramics materials can be provided.
A donation based reimbursement of materials and use of living space which is used to support REON’s community projects and building works is highly appreciated but is not absolutelly necessary, depending on the artist’s condition.
Bringing/ordering personal materials of choice is also strongly encouraged.

Application materials & deadline
We look forward to receiving your proposals to hello@reon-space.com on a PDF document including:
- A proposal/description of what you would like to realise
- Idea/s regarding interaction with the local community/environment
- A pdf portfolio or link to a website & a CV

If you have any question simply write us at hello@reon-space.com or message us through our IG

Are you an artist or arts professional with experience in childrens’ education?
 ︎ Art Educator Residency ︎
( Open to Artists, Arts educators, Ceramisists & Sculptors)


REON is a newly founded contemporary space for clay and arts, in North East Corfu. We provide an inclusive working environment for artists. We are especially keen to welcome professionals (artists, designers, architects and researchers) working between the intersections of clay and ecology, as well as artists with less opportunities. Recently graduated artists are also welcome to apply. The residency is suited only for independent, self-organized individuals. The residents should be comfortable with working, living and driving in a rural mountainous setting.  


Spontaneous applications are welcome, exact dates to be arranged together. Please only apply if the prospect of having a residency at our studio seems truly exciting to you. If you don’t directly work with clay, but you are still very intrigued by the prospect of a residency with us or have a specific idea, do write us. Please read carefully of all the conditions before applying.

Practical Info

At the moment we can offer basic shared accommodation in the space, which includes a sofa-bed, a fully equipped kitchenette and a bathroom. Depending on the period it can happen that you will mostly use the space on your own. There is a possibility for a duo of artists to apply. You can also find a few apartments/villas in the proximate area if that is something suitable for you. The closest biggest settlement is Kassiopi, a 20’ drive. The distance from Corfu town and the airport is approximatelly 60’ by car.  

Renting a car/motorbike is necessary as the studio is located in a village without direct connection to public transportation and moving solely by foot or bicycle is not viable. Note that due to water overconsumption in the island, there may be water interruptions throughout the day during the summer months but this is part of the life here. We are working towards a solution to the water shortage which will be hopefully realised in 2024. At the moment, there is no internet connection in the main building.

You can find more information about the working space and location under the “Space” category in REON’s website.


The residents are expected to develop (start or complete) a project or research, new or existing, according to their own natural rhythms, spending time on location. Even in high summer season, the artist will have the opportunity to work in remoteness and quietness, and grow their sensitivity to the natural landscape.

It is important that you would like to share part of your work & experience with the local community. This could be for example a sculpting workshop for children, a collective dinner with the locals, a workshop on a special technique, a presentation at the end of your residency, an open studio etc. Of course we would be more than happy to discuss and implement your own particular ideas.

A part of the work should be left for REON’s archival collection, depending on the duration and the type of the residency. If you wish, you will be also able to create works or products that will be for sale at the online store of REON. 

The equipment and materials provided, should be used responsibly and with care. Residents are expected to leave the space and equipment in its original condition upon their departure, and engage with the local community and natural environment respectfully throught their stay.